P A R A D I S O (June 2013), was an installation at the India Buildings in Edinburgh, in collaboration with Pavlos Georgiou and Augustus Veinoglou. For this work we were aiming to orchestrate a route through the interior of the building offering sensual and sculptural apertures of possible or impossible narratives.
We used the Scottish baronial India building as a platform to engage with notions of nostalgia and concepts of the future. The work became a portal where the linearity of past, present and future was distrupted and become a single temporality.
The work introduced a cinematographic viewpoint making use of the sculptural and architectural features of the building as well as re-appropriating a selection of its physical remnants that allude to its previous uses.
The spatial venture of the India buidling ought to aspire the visitor with a
sense of spirituality in a rather "de-sacralised" urban landscape, whilst
offering a sense of encolsure and retreat.

Illuminate (June 2013), found office light fittings and broken door frame, 3m x 2m x 1.5m

This sculpture was constructed out of the discarded office light fittings and door frames left behind in a particular room. Filtering through the natural light of the space, the monumental facade offers an alternative perspective on the space by creating a spectacle out of the functional office debris.


Cultivate your own garden (June 2013), collected plastic office plants, insulation matting, stage lighting, closed room visible through windows.

Incubated in one of the many dark disused office spaces, a glowing platform of plastic plants and trees forms an oasis of office leftovers. In a space that is heavy with the past and littered with discarded remnants of its former uses, these remainders have outlived their original function and appear to have cultivated a ‘life’ of there own.


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