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Planetary Bodies

This collection of spherical forms reference the planetary scale, the behaviour of material and geological features that are shaped by gravitational forces. The components of clay and glaze and their transformation through heat in the kiln is strongly analogous to the composition of the earths crust and  processes of the rock cycle. 

I am interested in our own personal connection to the larger scale of the universe, the planets of our solar system and the stars.


These spherical folded forms refer to the molten core of planetary bodies, the dense metallic heart of planetary structures that are responsible for plate tectonics and protective planetary magnetic fields.

The following work was presented in IRON: Translating Territories in January 2022, a group exhibition in Edinburgh exploring the possibilities of the material iron.

I responded with this collection of planetary forms made using iron based glazes and referencing the role iron plays in the formation of planets. Please see my blog post for more details here.

Photo credit: Julie Howden

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