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Clare Flatley - Ceramic/ Glass/ Sculpture

Clare Flatley is a ceramics and glass artist based in London. Originally from Lancashire she studied and worked in Edinburgh as a Sculptor before moving to London to complete her MA at the Royal College of Art in Ceramics and Glass. She creates sculptural artworks that reflect her interest in materials and desire to express states of transformation and metamorphosis.


“I am fascinated by the spiritual, psychological and mythical relationship we have with different materials, and the transformative drama that these materials undergo in the firing process.”


I am strongly influenced by Geology and planetary science, particularly our understanding of the behaviour of the material of our world at a cosmic scale. I have also researched the philosophies of Alchemists and their esoteric perspective of materials. I am particularly interested in the way they developed their own personal psychology and understanding of the universe through the technical mastery of physical materials. As a result, I have often worked with specific metal oxides and explored their behaviour in the kiln in relation to their symbolic meaning according to alchemy. 

 This blurring of the distinction between spirituality and science, and between psychological and material transformation, remains the locus of my practice and a fertile source of inspiration in my craftsmanship.

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