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Architectural Glaze

I have always been drawn to architectural qualities and  in the past have incorporated allusions to constructed spaces in my work. This series, which I have been developing since studying ceramics, explores the qualities of materials and the variety of textures and colours that result from firing them in the kiln. I aimed to design interlocked semi-architectural forms that combine layers of different textures and colours often derived from the same metal oxide.

My material research lead me to look at the hermetic tradition and philosophy of alchemy. This involves using the language of material transformation to describe an inner experience or physiological development, and also relate to the wider sphere of the cosmos.

In creating these layered and interlocking structures I would like to allude to the inner experience and imaginative space, whilst exploring the nature of these materials.

Several of these pieces are for sale on my profile on  Saatchi Online, for any enquires about this work please contact me here.

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