This body of work, produced in the autumn of 2020, is a continuation of part of my degree project, which involved developing semi-architectural forms based on my research and experimentation with glaze surfaces. I am deeply interested in the characteristics of metal oxides and the vibrant colours and textures they produce. I find exploring these through combinations of cuboid forms, referencing a larger scale, to be an interesting way to explore their possibilities. 

This group was initially made as a starting point as I settled into a new studio space and it has given me lots of idea on how to develop my work into a larger scale in the future.

Many of these pieces are for sale on my Saatch Online page here.

In previous projects I have focused on specific metal oxides and designed groups of forms based on my material research. Below you can see groups composed of glazes made, firstly, with manganese dioxide, which creates densely textured metallic surfaces as well as delicate pinks. Secondly, there are combinations of  different colours produced by copper, such as pinks, forest green and turquoise. 

Manganese Dioxide