The RSA New Contemporaries show is an annual exhibition showcasing the Royal Scottish Academy’s selection of the best, most recent, Scottish graduates. My degree show installation ‘The Black Gates’ won the RSA Architecture Award.

My degree show piece demonstrates my explorations into the absorbent and reflective qualities of surfaces, particularly the immersive power and apparent depth the black folded surface provides.

I am interested in the use of narrative to make sense of the world around us, the way our existence is framed by the apparent objective truth of science and history. Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise (part of the Cast collection at ECA) is famous for its its use of relief and perspective to draw the viewers eye through the narrative of each panel, representing stories from the Old Testement. I wanted to use the framework of Ghiberti’s Gates to represent the clarity and order we use to define our reality and impose it on a black unpredictable void.

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